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When it comes to secure lives, avoid threatens, prevent loss, control access and smart manage your assets, we understand how important it is to you and your business. 

Our Security Consultants have selected the best suppliers and products to deliver New Zealand's Best Quality and Cost Effective results.

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Security Alarm Systems

We design and install alarms in commercial, retail, business, industries and schools.

Our experienced team can provide a security solution that is easy to use, reliable and protects your business, assets and staff.

We can save you thousands of dollars when designing your building by designing your access control and security solution right from the beginning. 

With over 50 years of combined experience with security industry, leading equipment and state of the art integration, talk to us about your alarm system. 

CCTV Security Cameras

The Closed-circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) are widely used for transmit video footage on a closed circuit, for crime prevention and detection, monitoring, control and also market analysis.

From small and low cost solutions for small shops to a huge complex and specific commercial building or industry, we install camera systems all over New Zealand that use the latest HD and IP camera technology. Doesn't matter the size or the complexity, we can tailor and provide a security camera solution that meets your needs and your budget

We also service all major brands available on the market. 

Access Control Systems

Access control is a way of restricting access to parts of your building or business only to authorised people.

A simple system may only consist of a single door with an electric lock that needs the user to enter a code on a keypad to gain entry. A complex system can consist of hundreds of doors, with certain users only allowed to access certain doors, and maybe only at certain times or on certain days of the year. 

Access control can be built into part of an existing security alarm system or operate independently.

We will listen to what your security issues are and then use our knowledge and experience to design and install the best access control solution to fit your needs and budget. 

Alarm/Access Adds, Moves & Changes

If you need Alarm or Access Adds, Moves and any Changes, please click the button below:

Set Alarm Monitoring Response Plan

Set up what happens when your alarm goes off and allow 24 hours for the request to take effect:


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