Face Recognition Technology

CCTV Face Recognition Technology

Besides having a wide range of CCTV Security Cameras and Video Management System to provide the best solution according to your security needs and budget, it is also possible to add some business intelligence / artificial intelligence to your security system and using intelligent cameras and systems to get much more operational and management information as the FACE RECOGNITION TECHNOLOGY. 

FACE RECOGNITION: the most sought-after technology

ACTi uses video analytics to optimize business intelligence, operation efficiency as well as security management through real-time event handling and comprehensive reports

  • Face Recognition (identifying Returning Customer, VIP, Blacklisted)
  • Suspect Post-Search
  • People Tracking - Customer Demographics 
  • Customer profilling, loyalty and behavior analysis (e.g. age and gender, regular customers, time spent, product segments and conversion) 

  • Emotion Detection
  • Event and Advertising Signage Evaluation 
  • Smart Shopping Assistance 
  • Access Control and Identity Fraud Investigation 
  • Real-Time Suspect Tracking (Attention List)
  • Conversion Rate 
  • And so much more! 

Be instantly notified about the arrival of an important customer and display the greetings or the ads with the high relevance to specific VIP, which helps provide better service.

Be also instantly notified about the arrival of the person who is listed in attention database so that the employees could pay extra attention to that person.

Suspect Post Search: find the suspect automatically from the video recordings using face recognition technology.

Identify the customer by face recognition and link it with purchases for profiling purposes (gender, age etc.).  It enables store owners to enhance the marketing promotions for specific market segments, and automatically track how effective your marketing promotions are at pulling the market segments.

Get shopper analytics to calculate the returning behavior of the customers. It is able to understand the visit pattern and frequency of VIP customers or members. By comparing their POS activities, the marketing strategy and sales performance can both be enhanced to maximize the loyalty of your customers.

Use various technologies to automatically evaluate the service quality of employees and provide a score card (e.g. loud voice detection). Detect negative emotion based on facial expression along with voice analysis, and notify the manager to handle the potential dispute in a timely manner.

Improve communication and boost sales of products by displaying related information when their RFID tags on the product labels are detected in proximity of a signage, and by combining with age and gender detection to tailor advertisement for specific demographic groups.

Integrating POS and people counting data is a way to redefine your retail and enhance relationships with consumers. Such integration allows retailers to go beyond simple sales analysis and to more valuable insights. By combining traditional sales reporting and customer traffic data, such as the number of customers entering the location, the frequency of each visit and various business-critical insights, the retailers can move quickly and be able to offer experiences that delight and surprise consumers, which in turn increase the revenue.

Advanced Access Control with Face Verification technology: facial biometrics can be used as a second layer of protection additionally to access card when entering restricted areas.

How Face Recognition Technology Works

Human faces are different from each other and we can recognize our differences by analysing many aspects. 

That's when the software comes to help us, increasing enormously the database, the precision and the application for this amazing technology. 

Check how the Face Recognition Technology works and the great benefits of it

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The future is now: Facial Recognition CCTV Technology

Far from being a technology only seen in a sci-fi movie, Facial Recognition technology is already influencing the day to day life and businesses. It has already changed the way we deal with customers, create new connections and also predict the future.

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