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One of the most important things when you are building a safe site, is to know and control who is accessing your premises. Having a good locking system can provide you with the peace of mind required to keep things in one place and avoid unwanted access.

A lock is an electronic (or mechanical ) fastening device that is released by key, electronic cards, remote controls, mobile app, control panel code providing a unique and safe combination for unlocking and enabling access.

While the mechanic locks allow only physical contact for locking/unlocking, the electronic locks provide way more options to control the access, as the convenient remote controls and mobile apps.


Usually, people think about locking the doors, but it can be used to anything, from gates to windows and hatches.

It is a real-time, easy, quick and low-cost way to improve your general security. By using a lock system, you can reduce the chances of your premises being accessed by intruders or unauthorised people. You can also control what time some people can or cannot access your premises. 

The electronic locks are an important part of the Access Control System, and our security specialists can help you to choose the best option to suit your building or business.

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We are experts in building access systems, intercoms, swipe card, bio metric solution and so much more.

We provide a wide range of solutions, from a small retail store to leading university campuses, large commercial buildings, warehouse and financial institutions.

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How to Secure My Doors?

Doors are your main contact to the external world. People and customers come and go all the time during business hours, but you don’t want the wrong people to come and go, especially after hours. That’s why it is so important to control who is coming and going and when.   

It is also important to comply to Concil's regulations to hassle-free operations, ensuring that electronic door lockssecurity footage and/or an alarm system are ready and working.

How to Prevent Loss?

When a retailer experiences a loss, they are losing direct to the bottom line profitability. Loss Prevention is the concept of establishing policies, procedures and business practices to prevent the loss of inventory or monies in a retail environment. 

IQ Security has a proven record delivering industry leading solutions from reliable and tested commercial grade video surveillance solutions, facial recognition or covert camera installations to access control.


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