How do I Secure My Doors?

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Doors are your main contact to the external world. People and customers come and go all the time during business hours, but you don’t want the wrong people to come and go, especially after hours. That’s why it is so important to control who is coming and going and when.       

When it comes to security, one of the most important things is to control who is accessing your premises. Having a good door lock can provide you with the peace of mind required to keep things in one place and avoid unwanted access to it.

The locks are an important part of the Access Control System, which is a way of restricting access to parts of a place to authorised people only. It means that only the authorised staff or managers can access the warehouse, while cleaners and customers are restricted to the shop area, for example.

The electronic locks provide way more options to control the access (and door lock/unlock), as the convenient remote controls and mobile apps. It is a real-time, easy, quick and low-cost way to improve your general security.

A simple system may only consist of a single door with an electric lock that needs the user to enter a code on a keypad, fingerprint or a key fob to gain entry (like a garage with a remote control, for example). It is very common for homes and small businesses, for example.

A complex system can consist of hundreds of doors, with certain users only allowed to access certain doors, and maybe only at certain times or on certain days of the year.

You can also increase the security and improve communication with external areas or other buildings using a standalone or fully integrated intercom solution to remotely communicate with people trying to have access to your building.

From small facilities looking for basic protection, through to very complex premises requiring comprehensive protection with automation elements and intelligent protection, having the right combination of door security/locks, intercom and alarm system can avoid burglaries and many other security issues.

Our Security Consultants can tell you more about locks, deadbolts, access control, video surveillance and alarm systems to protect your doors, business and property.

Are you complying with Ongoing Maintenance Council Regulations?

When it comes to management of your assets, it is important to know that security solutions that protect your business are fully maintained to prevent failure and avoid external hacking attacks of your building security system.

Ongoing Maintenance may be required by the council and is critical to hassle-free operations, ensuring that electronic door locks, security footage and/or an alarm system are ready and working.Security systems need regular checks and maintenance to replace batteries, complete software updates as well as check its general health.

Council regulations* recommend that the building owner/tenant establishes a compliance schedule regime of preventive and responsive/corrective maintenance, ensuring that systems or features that contribute to the proper functioning of a building, such as electronic door locks, are regularly monitored and maintained.

Want to know what the owner obligations are, as well as access control, CCTV and alarm systems? 


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