Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Access control is a way of restricting access to parts of your building or business to authorised people only. It can be an important ally to prevent losses.

A simple system may only consist of a single door with an electric lock that needs the user to enter a code on a keypad or a swipe card to gain entry. A complex system can consist of hundreds of doors, with certain users only allowed to access certain doors, and maybe only at certain times or on certain days of the year. 

The Access Control System consist of a combination of different equipment and procedures:

Access control can be built into part of an existing security alarm system or operate independently.

From small facilities looking for basic protection, through to very complex premises requiring comprehensive protection with automation elements and intelligent protection, we have smart solutions to fit all your security needs and budget

We are a Gallagher Security Integrator. If you have any projects that requires Gallagher products in the specifications, you can talk to us. 

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Gallagher Access Control Systems

IQ Security is a Gallagher Certified Channel Partner 

Gallagher is one of New Zealand’s most successful private companies and a global leader in the innovation and manufacture of state-of-the-art integrated security solutions.

Its intuitive solutions are used by small and large organisations worldwide, and their Hamilton based manufacturing facility delivers high-quality products, competitive prices and local support

From basic access control, through to critical sites with some of today’s highest security requirements, if you have a project that specifies Gallagher product, talk to us. 

Gallagher SMB

Gallagher, leader in security innovation has taken another step in simplifying the security of small and medium businesses. Using cloud-based technology, SMB customers are now able to manage alarms, access control, and add unlimited users to their business security anywhere, at any time from their smartphone. As a cloud-based solution Gallagher SMB does not require an on-site server or dedicated staff to manage the system. It also automatically keeps up to date with the latest firmware, security updates and functionality.

Electronic Door Locks

When it comes to security, one of the most important things is to control who is accessing your premises. Having a good lock can provide you with the peace of mind required to keep things in one place and avoid unwanted access to it. 

The electronic locks provide way more options to control the access (and door lock / unlock), as the convenient remote controls and mobile apps. It is a real-time, easy, quick and low-cost way to improve your general security.

The electronic locks are an important part of the access control system and control your doors access. Our security specialists can help you to choose the best option to suit your home or business. 

Intercom Systems

Increase the security and improve communication with a standalone or fully integrated intercom solution.

The Intercom allows you to remotely communicate with people trying to have access to your building.

Having a smart intercom system means that you can not only see your visitors but speak with them and open the door from your intercom system just by using your smartphone or tablet.

It is also convenient when you are away and need to receive the courier, for example.

You can also give temporary access to a supplier, a customer or a service staff. 




Biometric Access Control: Fingerprint Terminals

Fingerprints are unique characteristics (each person has his/her own) and establish a person's identity to a very high degree of certainty. The fingerprints readers are the most implemented identification to control access and provide the right level of security, at the exact places where it is needed, just by pressing a finger on a scanner. 

Gallagher Mobile Credentials

Galagher Mobile Credential offers a seamless and secure way to manage access to physical spaces, buildings, or resources using a mobile device.

GE TECOM Challenger Access Control System

IQ Security are nationwide specialists in GE TECOM Challenger Alarm and Access Control Systems

Tecom provides leading intrusion and access control solutions for a wide range of solutions, from a small retail store to leading university campuses, large commercial buildings and financial institutions.

Interlogix's proven solutions are engineered to address a variety of security threats and protect businesses reliably and economically, 24x7.

NZ's Most Trusted Security Solutions Company

We Are Proud Certified Channel Partner of World's Leading High-Quality Standard Electronic Security Products

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