The most Amazing Tools to Increase your Instore Conversion Now

Retailers are always looking for new ways to increase their in-store customers’ conversion.

Most retailers still use the old method of observing, talking to the customers, manually counting them and trying to understand their patterns and behaviour, crossing all the information with sales to obtain the conversion rate, and also study a great amount of data in order to obtain business information that could lead them to increase the results. This takes many resources, days, time, training, investment and the results are not as precise or fast as they could be.

Nowadays, even the smallest shops have CCTV security cameras and other security items installed inside and outside the store. 

More than just Surveillance

What most people still don’t know is that those same cameras they use to protect their store can also provide them with useful business intelligence and data analytics in real time.

Not only do they provide surveillance, but also those images can be combined with video-based solutions and artificial intelligence, creating great value for retailers.

As all this information is updated in real time, making possible for your staff, managers and marketing team to use it, understand KPIs, act sooner and generate a positive impact to increase results immediately.  

The possibilities are numerous:

  • Customer Footfall - Automatically count the number of customers walking in front of your store
  • Also, count the number of customers that go into your shop
  • Heatmaps - Create heatmaps to understand customers pathways (how they walk inside your store, showing places they go more and less often)
  • Shopper Tracking - Track the customers’ motion paths and visualize them via a heat map
  • Product Placement Improvement - improve product placement using the heatmap to design your products and shop layout to increase exposure to customers
  • Demographics - Identify customers by gender and age (demographics)
  • Use facial recognition technology to:
    • Identify VIP customers - Get notified about the arrival of a VIP customer to provide outstanding customer service
    • Identify frequent customers - Find out the frequency of visits of loyal customers with or without knowing their identity
    • Identify blacklisted customers and increase your shop security
    • Customer Profiling - identify customers by face recognition and link it with purchases for profiling purposes
  • Weather Impact - Learn the correlation between weather conditions and your inside and outside customer traffic and sales performance
  • Conversion Rate – understand your conversion rate by comparing your people counting data with POS data 
  • Optimize your Staff - Learn your customer patterns can also help you to adjust your staff schedules accordingly
  • Queue Management - Adjust the number of check-out employees based on real-time queue detection and notification
  • Incident Management - Manage all customer service incidents with automated detection and handling
  • Target Ads - Show predefined digital content on the monitors with customized ads, based on age, gender, VIP identification and product proximity

And so much more! 

Face Recognition Technology

According to our recent article published on IQ Security Blog “The future is now: Facial Recognition CCTV Technology, Artificial Intelligence one of the Top 7 Technologies to Watch this Year and it is already influencing the day to day life and business.

The artificial intelligence from the Facial Recognition software identifies the face using the CCTV cameras installed in shops, analyses its unique points, compares to a database and responds to it according to the desired manner.

Awesome Tools to use Now

Increase your security and prevent losses, improves the shop management and operation and give some important marketing and sales tools in real time.

Although they seem to be tools from a futuristic movie, they are already helping many retailers around the world and in New Zealand

The results couldn’t be better: business intelligence and store management optimized to build long-term brand loyalty and an instant increase in the efficiency and revenue.

Learn more about Smart Video Applications now! 

If you prefer, talk to our Security Consultants and they can show you real-time applications of this amazing technology and help you to improve your shop security, efficiency and conversion


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