Loss Prevention

How to make sure your security equipment is working and updated when you need and the key benefits of preventive maintenance ...
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Retailers are always looking for new ways to increase their in-store customers’ conversion. Most retailers still use the old method of observing, talking to the customers, manually counting them and trying to understand their patterns and behaviour, crossing all the inform...
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There are many challenges for Commercial Buildings’ Security Management as they can be very difficult to control and protect. This complexity increases proportionally to the size of the building, its layout, the number of tenants and the surroundings, to name a few key fac...
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As most businesses depend on physical assets such as equipment, inventory, data storage and sensitive information about customers, employees and suppliers, for example, it is really important that they are kept protected in case something happens. As the crime stats rise in ...
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Being a business owner in New Zealand is not an easy task and one of the biggest challenges is to prevent losses, protecting inventory, equipment, data and cash.  Being a business owner in New Zealand is not as easy as it might seem to be for most of the people (Ne...
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Besides being such an important piece of crime investigation, here are another 12 reasons why it is so important to install them now...
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What is Loss Prevention? Why does a retailer need to understand loss prevention? How do losses occur? How do I know if I may have a loss prevention problem? How to deal with? ...
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