Security Alarm for Business: Why You Should Install Now

As most businesses depend on physical assets such as equipment, inventory, data storage and sensitive information about customers, employees and suppliers, for example, it is really important that they are kept protected in case something happens.

As the crime stats rise in New Zealand, it is extremely important that you guarantee that your business is safe, protected and looked after 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Nowadays, more and more businesses owners have security systems to prevent and protect against criminals, including alarm systems, access control and surveillance cameras.

The most used security systems are the Alarms, as they are very cost-effective and efficient, offering a high level of security for business and commercial buildings.

The features of an alarm system will vary depending on the kind of building and protections needed and it is of essence that a security professional discusses your needs, budget and visit your sitebefore recommending alarm system or any security equipment.

The alarm system can have:

Alarm Systems - How it works

When the sensors go off (for example, the sensors detect movement), the system transmits signals (using telephone landline, cellular phone connection or broadband internet connection) to the security system's and it reacts sending the signal to the sirens, mobile app or monitoring station.

Some interesting solutions you should consider when choosing your alarm system:

Wireless Solutions

Some Business places have limited or no access to roof spaces to run the cable for the Alarm System, so the Wireless Alarm solution is perfect. There are wireless sensors, detectors, keypads and external sirens, providing your location with flexibility and easy installation.

Control Anytime from Anywhere

You get home after a very busy day. Finally, you will be able to rest and dedicate your time to yourself, but as soon as you step inside, you feel that panic dominating you as you don’t remember setting the alarm before leaving the building or even worse: someone calls you telling that your alarm is off, so you have to go all the way back to your business to check if everything is fine and set the alarm.

Now it is possible to do it all remotely using a mobile app. Using your smartphone or tablet it is possible to set/unset alarm, check it’s status, receive push alerts in real time, control automated functions and more.

Alarm Monitoring

Many business owners prefer to rely on a 24x7 Monitoring company to deal with the alarm signals as they can have a more professional response to any issue.

This service consists of hiring a company to watch (monitor) the signals from your security alarm 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and react to those signals in a way that you specify: either by phoning or texting you, and/or by dispatching a security guard to the site immediately or contacting the local police, for example.

Detect also Fire, Gas Leak and Flood

Besides the intruder and glass break detectors, it is possible to also install smoke, gas leak and water flooding detectors, adding another level of security to your business and building, integrated with the same system.

Protect multiple areas independently

Systems can be partitioned to protect multiple areas independently, for example, the office and the warehouse or the mains building and the garage.

Integration with Smart Building Systems

You can get the comfort offered in the intelligent building systems in addition to your security system. Taking advantage of the full integration, for example, you can add some benefits for the possibility to turn off the light in the building when the standby mode is turned on, for example.

It makes possible to combine the maximum safety with a wide range of automation equipment in the KNX standard. 

7 benefits of installing an Alarm System for Business

Prevent Intrusion and Theft – When you install an Alarm System, you also put signs warning potential criminals, and it is usually enough to make them go away without causing any problems

Faster response – Having an alarm system makes the response to be planned in advance (and wisely) and the support comes faster and sooner

Minimize Loss – In case the intruders break in after the alarm goes off and the sirens sound, the disruption usually makes them give up their plans or go away faster (minimizing the losses)

Lower Insurance Premiums – Having an alarm system can lower premiums as the alarm system minimizes the risk of theft and the level of possible losses, meaning fewer costs to you

Integration – Possibility to integrate some alarm systems with fire, gas leak and water flood detectors, and also smart building functions and access control  

Avoid false alarms – A good security alarm system can provide information about troubles and other system events avoiding false alarm response - depending on the system signals sent to your smartphone, tablet or monitoring company

Peace of Mind – Knowing that your building and assets are being monitored full time means that you don’t have to worry about it and, if you do, you can react sooner and avoid major problems

It is also important that you ensure that your security equipment complies with all building regulations, including New Zealand Health & Safety standards.

The ability to design a project and install these Alarm Systems requires a high level of experience and practice, especially to fulfill your needs and fit into your budget.

Secure your Business and Commercial Building, contact our security specialists and get a security consultation to tell you about Alarm Systems. 

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