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After being aware of the main vulnerabilities that some face in a Construction Site, the next step is the Prevention and Benefits of Construction Site Security. What's more: learn how to overcome some difficulties some may face.  In our recent post, we discussed th...
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One of the biggest problems reported on a Construction Site is tools, materials (including electrical components), machines and also vehicle theft. Usually, thieves tend to believe that Construction Sites are ‘easy marks’ when compared with other robbery targets bec...
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Spy, Hidden or Covert Cameras are very discreet CCTV Security Cameras used to capture footage in various environments and under different circumstances without being identified, detected or seen by the general public and they bring great benefits for businesses. ...
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How to Be Awesome for the environment and Boost your SecurityNowadays, becoming environmentally friendly is becoming more and more important and many companies and buildings are doing a lot of effort to prevent pollution and conserve energy. At the same time, when it comes t...
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When was the last time you patched your security systems? There is a warning of cyber vulnerability on some camera models of Panasonic (read the announcement here).   What's more, there is a website which claims to be “designed in order to show the importan...
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Besides being such an important piece of crime investigation, here are another 12 reasons why it is so important to install them now...
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With cyber-attacks accelerating, people must to keep up-to-date on cyber security attack vectors which can impact the camera video management systems. Here are some Vulnerabilities examples and Best Practices ...
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