Security Warning - CCTV Cameras Can Be under Threat

When was the last time you patched your security systems? 

There is a warning of cyber vulnerability on some camera models of Panasonic (read the announcement here).  

What's more, there is a website which claims to be “designed in order to show the importance of security settings” and its purpose is supposed to show how not changing the default password or not updating the software (firmware) means that the unprotected security surveillance system is “available for all Internet users” around the world to view.

For that purpose, they indexed more than 73,011 locations with unsecured security cameras in 256 countries. Can you believe it?

Here is the link to the New Zealand cameras at the moment:

The TV Program at One News also mentioned the risks. According to it, the main concern is if a hacker can access your cameras, it is also possible that they can access your entire network. 

Security is a real buzz topic, but few people are making the most to prevent and avoid security issues. 

On the post "12 Security Camera System Best Practices" we have published here in the blog, we mentioned a few actions to prevent any problems

  • Use Strong Passwords (avoid the easy-to-hack passwords, like 123456, Admin and Password for example), usually containing a non obvious combination of letters and numbers
  • And use Different strong passwords for each device, email account, server and any other place (here is a very nice post about safe passwords)
  • Change your passwords regularly 
  • Keep the Firmware Updated (the latest versions usually come with vulnerabilities and cyberattack protections)
  • Rely on Security Pros, they know what to do and how to increase your protections and avoid vulnerabilities  
  • Perform Regular Updates and Checks on your Security System

All CCTV security cameras, Alarms and Access Control systems that protect your business and building must be fully maintained (every 6 or 12 months) to prevent failure and avoid external hacking attacks. 

If you CCTV Security Cameras or any other security equipment hasn't been checked over the last 12 months, don't wait for the worst to happen, act soon and prevent any problems. 


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