Solar Power Panels for CCTV Security Cameras

How to Be Awesome for the environment and Boost your Security

Nowadays, becoming environmentally friendly is becoming more and more important and many companies and buildings are doing a lot of effort to prevent pollution and conserve energy. At the same time, when it comes to security, it is important to have reliable sources of energy to guarantee that your equipment and systems are working properly to keep your premises and people safe.

One of the most desired and alternative energy sources that the security industry uses to help efficiently power the CCTV cameras is solar energy, as the key benefit is to receive an environmentally safe system with a self-renewing power source for 24-hour surveillance.

Most people must be thinking “Does it work properly during winter time, night and severe weather conditions?”. The answer is “Yes”. That’s because the solar remote power system that can be adapted to most of the cameras will capture the energy during the peak hours and store the excess in a battery - that will supply the camera with power at those periods without sunlight. 

But How do They Work?

Only a few cameras come with solar panels. That’s why there are Remote Solar Power Panels that can be connected to the cameras, supplying it with power.

The Solar Panels capture the sun’s rays using “photovoltaic cells” (solar cells) and these convert the light into electricity to power.

Having batteries together with these solar panels allows saving the excess of energy to supply the cameras with power enough to keep them operating during the periods without sunlight.

The batteries used in those solar power panels were specially designed for constant discharging and charging, and also are protected in a weatherproof container

Are they going to Work during winter time or under the severe weather?

The Solar Powered Panels obtain the power from the photons that are naturally present during the daylight, rather than the sunlight itself. This means that snowy, rainy and cloudy days are not a problem to generate energy for the cameras, and during the night time, there will be the batteries to supply energy.

Does it require especial Solar CCTV Cameras to work?

The Remote Power System can be installed and power supply most of the cameras available in the market.

How Can they work during the Nighttime?

As the solar panels are photosensitive and capture the power from the photons that are naturally present during the daylight, rather than the sunlight itself, when the panel produces no electricity, the rechargeable batteries supply the cameras with energy during the night time.

Environmentally-Friendly and self-sustaining power source

Besides being environmentally-friendly, the solar power panels can also be an independent source of power, even when the national grid goes down or there is a regional power cut, it continues to operate. What’s more, many modern cameras have high efficiency so they can also use the power wisely.

Can be used in remote areas

Some places are remote and difficult to run wires, having a Solar Power Panel can make it viable to have a surveillance system. It can also be combined with a wireless system to send footage to a remote monitoring station. 

The Advantages of Solar Power Panels for CCTV are Numerous

The Advantages of installing a remote power system to power supply your CCTV Security Cameras are numerous:

  • The batteries allow the system to work 24 hours a day
  • The Weatherproof design and panel capability allow installation and be used under any weather conditions 
  • They are an Eco-Friendly power source
  • A self-sustaining power source, saving energy expenses
  • Used in areas with a lack of power lines
  • Wireless capability (read also about the wireless system for CCTV Cameras)
  • Solar panels usually last more than 10 years

With so many advantages of installing a Remote Solar Power to your Security Camera System, it can be viable to increase security and also be sustainable.

Not a Shelf Solution

The Solar Powered panels for CCTV Cameras are not a "ready to use" kind of product and they must be designed and projected by experts. 

That's why it is very important to share your need and difficulties with your Security Consultant, as only after a careful consideration the best solution can be designed, proposed, quoted and installed. 

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