How to Protect Your Construction Site - Part I: Vulnerabilities

One of the biggest problems reported on a Construction Site is tools, materials (including electrical components), machines and also vehicle theft.

Usually, thieves tend to believe that Construction Sites are ‘easy marks’ when compared with other robbery targets because of the kind, extension and complexity of these sites.

Recently, New Zealand is facing a boom in the number of reports for burglaries at construction sites and the Police are making a lot of efforts to help the community to avoid construction equipment theft.

What’s more, it is only one of many security risks that a construction site may face. It is a huge challenge to manage so many people, keep an eye on safety procedures, and look after extensive areas, equipment and materials at all times but it is perfectly feasible and cost-effective to deal with that. 

What are the Construction Sites Vulnerabilities?

The vulnerabilities vary from site to site as each one has its own characteristics and challenges so it is really important to have a Security Specialist to check your site to make an inspection and supply a report.

Just to name a few, the Most Common Construction Sites Vulnerabilities are:

  • Unfenced and unprotected areas (and also weak or broken protection)
  • Lack of CCTV or Alarm System on Tool Storage Container
  • Shortage of access control
  • Blind spots (areas hidden from security cameras, alarm systems and people’s view)
  • Darkest areas (not well-lit, especially during after-hours)
  • Unprotected equipment and material
  • Management and control breaches
  • Untrained staff, contractors and suppliers to prevent losses and health and safety issues
  • Unmonitored areas, people and periods 
  • Lack of Security Equipment
  • Lack of Security Prevention and Action Plan

As a result, it can cause many time and money losses, as well as increase enormously the risk of theft, delays, waste, accidents and claims, to name a few. 

Why are Construction Sites Targeted by Thieves?

The main reasons are:

  • Big sites are harder to control and protect
  • Have valuable stuff: equipment, material and vehicles
  • Usually are very busy during the daytime (many different people coming and going: staff, contractors, suppliers and other)
  • On the other hand, during night time they are an empty field for thieves to operate
  • Usually, have many vulnerable (and unwatched) areas
  • Have Multiple Access Points 

Check this Infographic about Construction Sites Security

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