CCTV Cameras: 12 reasons to install now

Besides being such an important piece of crime investigation, here are another 12 reasons why it is so important to install them now

They are everywhere, and usually are important pieces of crime investigation, helping police to confirm if a suspect is involved or not involved, but they are much more important than most of the people expect since they are great allies also in preventing crimes or unwanted behaviours.

According to US Chamber of Commerce, one-third of all the bankruptcies that happen in the country are the result of employee theft. One single employee who steals NZ$ 500.00 in goods or cash, for example, will mean that your business has to earn between NZ$ 5 to 10,000.00 to pay for this loss, depending on the margin of your business.

Sometimes it is so undercovered that it is impossible to detect from system or accounts perspective. For these extreme cases, it is also possible to install Covert Cameras and extremely high-resolution and audio sensitive recorders. 

12 Reasons to Install a CCTV Camera System Now

#1 Discourage external theft and robberies.
Usually, business owners and managers install a CCTV camera to discourage theft from customers or third parties. Especially when the camera is visible and you also have warning signs, it makes suspects have second thoughts and discourages them to act.

#2 Avoid employee theft as well.
What employees usually don't realise is that sometimes installing a CCTV camera in their premises also contributes to avoiding employers theft. Many of them declare that they are losing substantial sums of money because of employee theft, but usually, it is a very delicate situation to prevent, discourage and also prove and punish the ones that are stealing.

#3 Catch burglars and intruders red handed.
Besides preventing a crime, if it happens, you have the chance to see and record when, how and who is involved in the crime. Usually, this footage is an important piece of evidence on a private and public investigation.

#4 Avoid blind spots.
Every place has its corners and areas where it is impossible to control at all times. Using a smart CCTV camera system can cover all the blind spots and the sensitive areas to avoid any crimes.

#5 Keep your eyes on the business at all times.
Another benefit of installing CCTV Cameras is to avoid unwanted behaviours from your employees and suppliers. It makes them pay more attention to their own behaviour and tend to follow procedures with more care. This ends up influencing positively increasing the quality of customer service, the productivity and also better employees attitudes, not to mention decrease mistakes and provide you with good insights for training and development.

#6 Remote eyes.
Besides recording footage, it is possible to connect some cameras to a mobile phone or tablet, allowing to be vigilant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world. Even when you don't want to be looking at, it is possible to use software to analyse the images or also hire a Security Cameras Monitoring Service. Very convenient.

#7 Business Analytics.
The modern systems can integrate smart suits that allow you to have great insights from your business such as traffic analysis, customers and employers' pathways, hot selling spots, heat maps, customer segment analysis and much more.

#8 Reduce your property insurance premium.
Most of the insurance companies give you discounts when you have an Alarm System or CCTV Camera system installed on your property because it reduces the likelihood of intrusion or any related incidents.

#9 Avoid Law Suits.
Sometimes it is hard to prove that you have complied with all Health and Safety instructions, especially regarding your employees following them. Surveillance cameras help you to identify potential harms and act before anything worse happens. What's more, it can help you to gather evidence, clarify disagreements and also avoid any false liability lawsuits.

#10 Better than human eyes.
Some cameras have special features which make them better than human eyes, allowing you to track movement, record, check a very wide area (some 360 degrees), and catch footage under limited light and also with super zoom properties. They can also be protected from vandalism and any other outside attempt to destroy it.

#11 Easy to install and start working.
Nowadays Home and Commercial CCTV systems are quite quick to install and easy to operate and monitor.

#12 Cost effective.
There are so many types of cameras, systems and video managing systems that you don't need to invest a great amount of money to have a very efficient and cost-effective solution. From a very simple solution to a very complex system, there are many options to fit every specific need and budget.

With so many benefits to all kinds and sizes of business it is almost impossible to think about managing a building or a business without the huge support that a CCTV camera system and a Video Recording system supply.  

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