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Nowadays, being safe is one of the biggest worries, but being aware of your vulnerabilities and acting soon is your best weapon to prevent such incidents. Check the 16 tips! 

The subject is always recurrent: the increasing number of crime reports calls attention to the rise of burglaries and the concerns for that feeling that New Zealand properties are not as safe as they used to be. It is in all community meetings: at community halls, on Facebook groups, on Neighbourly groups, while talking to shop owners, and also a day by day conversation between neighbours and colleagues.

In this article published on Stuff last August, when NZ Police released some figures about crimes, they revealed that "(…)with burglaries rising nearly 12 percent in the past year, police are questioning whether they have enough officers to cope." And there is more in the same article: "In March this year it was revealed 24 police stations did not solve a single burglary in 2015."

Furthermore, in a previous article published in NZ Herald in March 2017, also about burglaries, they revealed that "in the 18 months after the change, police logged 97,707 burglaries at residential and commercial properties nationwide. The national resolution rate for 2015 also dropped into single figures for the first time - 9.3 percent." It is alarming.

The fact is: while the burglary cases rose by 12 percent according to the last statistical numbers released by NZ Police, the ability to solve them has dropped 9.3 percent. The main problems are in Auckland, followed by Christchurch and Hamilton, the top 3 burglaries reported areas.

Our experts listed some good tips to help you increase your awareness and, at the same time, your security at home or in your business.

Police are there to protect and solve the crimes, but you are also responsible for what is about yourself, your family and people, your property and your community. Know that your attitude is very important to prevent and avoid burglaries and play your part. You can also follow the news on a crime prevention community or invite your community to unite and support each other.

Check how things are in your neighbourhood and be aware of statistics and what your community is reporting. They can reveal some trends and help you to act before it is too late. This map prepared by NZ Herald using NZ Police information shows the level of burglaries per city and street. Check yours and act soon.

It is very important that you have a look or contact a Security Specialist to check your vulnerabilities, so you can know them and act to minimise them and up your security as much as possible. One interesting exercise is to go outside and try to figure out how would a burglar enter your place. You can also use our Security Checklist to help with first steps.

Burglars choose the easiest way to get what they want, so don't make it easy to them: keep your valuables away from people's view (avoid leaving things like a bicycle or toys and tools spread over your property and also expensive items showing off your windows), especially when you are out. Be aware, and don't leave that brand new and expensive electronic or appliance empty box out beside your rubbish bin.

Double check your doors and windows to make sure they are locked and pay special attention to sliding doors and windows. You might need to add some special electronic locks to them or even installing alarm systems to increase your security.

It is better that your neighbours are able to see your front door and any suspicious movements in your yard then to make hiding places for burglars to act without being noticed.

It is also not very clever to leave any spare keys under the doormat or a flowerpot since these are obvious hiding places and the burglars will first look for, and never put any information about you and your place on your keys (if you lose them it can be a huge security breach). Also, change keys every time you loose them or move to a new place.

Increase your security: install CCTV cameras, alarm systems and electronic locks too. There is really good electronic security equipment which will increase your security to higher levels. (We listed 12 reasons why you should install a CCTV Security Camera now here.)

You don't need to wait for the worst to find our that your alarm was without battery or that your security camera's video managing system wasn't recording. It is really important to hire ongoing maintenance for your equipment.

When you leave for holidays or a long term journeys, ask your neighbours if they keep an eye on your property (they also can help you with returning your bin or collecting your mail), and also report on any suspicious person or behaviour (you can do it on some Facebook Communities too). Build a good relation with the neighbours and they will be your best allies. The same is also applied to commercial business.

If you watched "Home Alone" movies you will know that burglars are after empty homes and business to break in. If you avoid showing that you are not there, it certainly will make them think twice before trying anything. Nowadays, many alarm systems can operate certain actions to simulate it (such as turning on and off the electricity, for example). Keep your garden tidy before travelling for long periods of time or hire a company to do it for you while you are out.

It is also important that you report any suspicious activities to police and community. Not to mention when something really does happen. It will contribute to police statistics and community pressure for action. It is also known that after a burglary is reported in the area, it is likely that the same criminals are going to try the same in another property, so spread the word and double your security when someone reports any incident.

Alarm monitoring is a service that watches the signals from your security alarm and then reacts to those signals in a way that you specify: either by phoning or texting you, and/or by dispatching a security guard to the site. You can hire professional service for Alarm Monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and keep your peace of mind.

Before hiring any service and giving your keys to any company, better check their credentials and references first and never leave notes to them by your front door.

You can install light spots to avoid dark areas and make your place even safer. It also allows your neighbours and surveillance equipment to have better visual control. Some alarm security systems can also control the lights remotely and some security cameras are prepared to work under low light conditions.

Usually, burglars will steal things that are easy to sell so be aware of buying stolen goods. They will try to sell to friends, online and sometimes even to the own victims so if you are buying something and think it is suspicious, simply don't buy and report it. If criminals cannot sell stolen goods for money, they certainly will not have reason to gurgle. Break the cycle.

Following these simple tips, you can increase your security to really high levels, avoiding being the next victim of burglary. It doesn't matter if it is a home, a shop, a commercial building, a school, a retail store, a warehouse or an industry. Keep yourself safe and watch out for your community.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate in contact our Security Experts.

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