Tecom Challenger: Building Access Control

The Tecom range of solutions and products offer integrated Intrusion and Access Control functionality with particular emphasis on the needs and requirements for industries and commercial premises in Australia and New Zealand. 

The strength of a Tecom system is in its high level of expandability, based on a modular design principle that will grow as your business grows. Expansion is enhanced by backward compatibility of components, offering integration and expansion on every level of operation. 

Value added Reseller

If you are a construction company, developer, building manager or commercial building owner and looking for a partner to install or support your Tecom Challenger access control system IQ Security has over 27 years of experience and can help you nationwide.

Integrated Security Solution

An integrated security solution for your most challenging environment, the Tecom portfolio combines Intrusion and Access Control solutions, designed to adapt to the ever changing landscape of your business needs.

From small facilities looking for basic protection, through to very complex premises requiring comprehensive protection with automation elements and intelligent protection, we have smart solutions to fit all your security needs and budget

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GE TECOM Challenger Access Control System

TECOM Access Control

IQ Security are nationwide specialists in GE TECOM Challenger Alarm and Access Control Systems.

Tecom provides leading intrusion and access control solutions for a wide range of solutions, from a small retail store to leading university campuses, large commercial buildings and financial institutions. Interlogix's proven solutions are engineered to address a variety of security threats and protect businesses reliably and economically, 24/7.

IQ Access Control Systems

We are experts in building access systems, providing a wide range of solutions, from a small retail store and cafes to leading university campuses, construction sites, large commercial buildings, warehouse and financial institutions.

The Access Control System consist of a combination of different equipment and procedures:

Electronic Door Locks  -  Proximity/Swipe Cards  -  Key fobs - 
Gallagher Security Solutions - Keypads - Biometric/Fingerprint Terminals - 
Intercom Systems -   Tecom Access Control Systems -  Mobile Apps - 
Satel - And So Much More!

It can be built into part of an existing security alarm system or operate independently. Talk to our experts! 

Biometric Access Control: Fingerprint Terminals

Fingerprints are unique characteristics (each person has his/her own) and establish a person's identity to a very high degree of certainty. The fingerprints readers are the most implemented identification to control access and provide the right level of security, at the exact places where it is needed, just by pressing a finger on a scanner. 


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