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Gallagher Certified Channel Partner IQ Security

Gallagher offers integrated security solutions to meet the varying needs of our customers, from basic access control, through to critical sites with some of today’s highest security requirements.

Their focus on business efficiency and continuity ensures your core operations are effectively managed with total economy, providing a return on investment (ROI) greater than any other security platform. 

That's why IQ Security is a Gallagher Certified Channel Partner, so we can integrate access control, intruder alarm and perimeter security solutions with real operational benefits

You’ll have peace of mind with an intelligent security solution designed to ensure business continuity, create efficiency, protect your assets and keep people safe.

IQ Security - Gallagher Access Control

Access Control

Secure site management, control and access

Gallagher offers flexible, integrated access control solutions to meet your security and business requirements.

Efficiently and reliably manage multiple access points to control risk, improve business efficiency, ensure business continuity and increase profitability.

IQ Security - Gallagher Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

Real operational benefits

We believe security solutions are essential business systems, uniquely positioned to deliver value that goes beyond traditional security thinking.

The Gallagher solution fully integrates access control, intruder alarms, visitor management, perimeter security and business policy execution - delivering unparalleled business efficiency.

IQ Security - Gallagher Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Security on the move

Whether it’s the flexibility to monitor a system from any location, or the convenience of using a smartphone in place of an access card, our extensive range of mobile solutions is designed to deliver user-friendly technology, underpinned by the strongest security.

Gallagher Training

Manage and Operate with ease and efficiency.

Gallagher Security Portal For Online Training is an innovative online training developed by Gallagher that offers professional classroom and online training for its clients and end-users. The Gallagher Security Learning Centre provides technical resources, online courses and certification assessments with instructional configuration videos, storyboards and graphical illustrations supported by written training manuals and workbooks.

Gallagher Care Plan

Unlock further value and benefits from your Gallagher Software Maintenance

Gallagher Care Plan is a brand-new system and support package offered by Gallagher Security. It has four tiers based on your Software Maintenance. The Care Plan gives more value and benefits to your existing Software Maintenance with no additional cost. It allows access to software releases, free online training, additional warranty and many more.

Proximity & Contact Tracing

The Proximity and Contact Tracing Report is a utility used to help identify cardholders who have shared an area simultaneously with a cardholder who has tested positive for an infectious virus, such as COVID-19. If an individual was deemed a health risk and entered your site, using the report, you can identify other cardholders who might have an elevated risk of infection. This information can be used to proactively identify those cardholders who need notification about the exposure.

From small facilities looking for basic protection, through to very complex premises requiring comprehensive protection with automation elements and intelligent protection, we have smart solutions to fit all your security needs and budget

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Gallagher Mobile Credentials

Gallagher mobile credential offers a seamless and secure way to manage access to physical spaces, buildings or resources using a mobile device, typically a smartphone. It is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, seamless, convenient, user-friendly and has multi-layer authentication.

Proximity & Contact Tracing

With the recent unprecedented times caused by the COVID-19, Gallagher develops a new security solution will help the business in navigating their state of security with the ever-changing world. Gallagher's Proximity and Tracing Report will help identify those cardholders who have shared and contact with a cardholder who has tested positive in infectious virus.

Gallagher MorphoWave Integration | Idemia

Gallagher MorphoWave Integration with Idemia is simplifying people lives through fast, touchless identification, seamless integration with Comman Centre. This is a biometric access control solution without requiring external plugin syschronization or enrolment utilities.

More about this solution, click here.

IQ Security - Gallagher Locker Management

Gallagher Locker Management

Having issues managing your building lockers? 

Gallagher Locker Management allows a site to manage locker access, automate allocation,
and ensure the best utilization of their locker resources all natively from Command Centre.

IQ Security - Gallagher Evacuation Management

Gallagher Mobile Evacuation Management

Gallagher simplify evacuation management with it's Gallagher Mobile Solution. The Gallagher Mobile Reader, extends the range of your card reading capabilities, allowing you to implement access control anywhere you need it. Portable identity verification is easy with the Mobile Reader, allowing security operators to instantly view cardholder details with a simple scan of an access card.

Gallagher Mobile Connect App

The Gallagher Mobile Connect App allows you to use your mobile device just like an access card. It has a long range access with Bluetooth wireless technology. It can be used to Interact with your building systems, arm and disarm alarms, and much more with triggered Actions. Supported by both Android and iOS.

Do you Control Visitors' Access to your Facilities?

Car Park Management doesn't have to be such a hassle. Gallagher Car Park Management make it easy for car park access, car park space allocation and occupancy. It provides the best utilization of your car parking resource.

Cloud Access Control Service Powered by Gallagher

As technology advances, the number of critical software and firmware, regulatory compliance and updates also increases. With Gallagher Software Maintenance, you can ensure that your security system stays-up-date with the latest security innovations and standards for critical government sites.

Cloud Access Control Service Powered by Gallagher

As Gallagher goes beyond traditional thinking, it has developed business cloud security that will help businesses on keeping their security data protected and monitored. Through Gallagher Cloud, you’ll have peace of mind with the knowledge that your security data and business is safe and sound. It gives value to your money as it cuts some of your security system expenses and allows you to spend it in growing your business.

Do you Control Visitors' Access to your Facilities?

Gallagher Visitor Management solution is designed to make it easier and simple to implement a solution to all sizes of Buildings and Businesses.

We have a Pay Per Month service that allows you to hire this system now! 

Gallagher is Approved for NZ Type A

Gallagher have received formal approval from the NZ Security Intelligence Service for a Class 5 based intruder detection system (known as 'NZ Type A') and is officially approved for new NZ government installations of intruder alarm systems. 
Talk to our Security Consultants about Gallagher Security Systems! 

Gallagher security for SMB

Security made simpler for small and medium business. It allows customer to manage their business security from the comfort of their phone anywhere, anytime. Manage alarms, access control and add unlimited user via SMB app.

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