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Cloud refers to a technology that enables users to virtually save their data through internet allowing them to have an easy access and share files at any point of time. Nowadays, cloud storage has become one of the best means in keeping your backup files safe. It is like a safety vault that provides a secure way to remotely maintained and managed your important data. It does not only provide backup for your private files but also protect your work from being wasted. Cloud storage is accessible at any location via internet connection.

Gallagher, a global leader in security system technology and management continuously look for innovative ways to provide the market with the new security technology. Gallagher security solution aims to protect your business anywhere, at any anytime. IQ Security is a certified Gallagher channel partner. We integrate access control, alarm system and CCTV system from small shops and cafes to commercial buildings and industrial security.

As we go beyond traditional thinking, we have developed cloud access control service powered by Gallagher that will help businesses on keeping their security data safe, protected and monitored

With Cloud access control powered by Gallagher there is no need for costly software, servers or databases to install and maintain on a regular basis. The user just needs to choose which among the installation or subscription plan perfectly fits their business. This also reduces the need for on-site IT services or support. It can be access real-time at any time or anywhere using smartphone, laptop or tablet. It has automatic backups and continuous updates to protect them against cyber-attack.

Through Gallagher Cloud, you’ll have peace of mind with the knowledge that your security data and business is safe and sound. It gives value to your money as it cuts some of your security system expenses and allows you to spend it in growing your business.

IQ Security, a certified Gallagher Channel partner. Our technicians are fully insured and vetted by the Ministry of Justice; hold current Building Construction Passport, and IQP Certified. Our team holds a high standard of quality, ethics, health and safety when it comes to installing, servicing and maintaining electronic security equipment. We are NZ's most trusted security solution provider which integrate and design security solution that is perfect fit for your need and budget. 

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Access Control

Secure site management, control and access

Gallagher offers flexible, integrated access control solutions to meet your security and business requirements.

Efficiently and reliably manage multiple access points to control risk, improve business efficiency, ensure business continuity and increase profitability.

Integrated Solutions

Real operational benefits

We believe security solutions are essential business systems, uniquely positioned to deliver value that goes beyond traditional security thinking.

The Gallagher solution fully integrates access control, intruder alarms, perimeter security and business policy execution - delivering unparalleled business efficiency.

Mobile Solutions

Security on the move

Whether it’s the flexibility to monitor a system from any location, or the convenience of using a smart phone in place of an access card, our extensive range of mobile solutions are designed to deliver user-friendly technology, underpinned by the strongest security.

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