Gallagher Security Training

IQ Security and Gallagher are committed to giving our customer the best value of their security investment. As a certified channel partner of Gallagher Security, we are providing our customer with useful resources such as manuals, user guides, video tutorial and training courses that will help them to manage and operate their Gallagher Security system with ease and efficiency.

Gallagher Online Training Courses

To have an in-depth knowledge on Gallagher Security Systems, Gallagher offers online training courses specifically developed for end users. This course will give the participants the skills to confidently operate and manage the Gallagher Security Systems. The online course includes learning how to navigate Command Centre views, cardholder management, basic event, alarm management and more.

Gallagher Operator Online Course

Gallagher Operator Classroom Course

Gallagher Administrator Classroom Course

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Technical Resources (Manuals, Tips & Whitepaper, User Guides)

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Gallagher Video Tutorials

Gallagher Training Tips
(Command Centre v7.70, 7.80 & 7.90)

Gallagher Training Tips
(Command Cente v8.10 & v8.20)

Check Out Gallagher Webinar:

Gallagher also provides series of webinar with Top Tips for using Gallagher Command Centre. You can find out more and download their previous webinars here.

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