Portable Solar-Powered CCTV Tower

Standalone CCTV Tower Powered by Solar Panel

Portable Solar-Powered CCTV Tower

IQ is pleased to offer a cutting-edge security solution for businesses and constructions looking to protect their property and assets. Our portable solar-powered CCTV tower is a standalone solar-powered CCTV. It is an innovative system that uses the latest technology to provide round-the-clock surveillance without relying on electricity.

Our portable CCTV Tower cameras are powered by solar panels, ensuring that they can operate even in remote areas without access to a power source. They are mobile, which means that they can be easily moved to different locations as needed.

Our security system is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. The cameras capture high-quality footage that can be accessed remotely via a mobile app or web interface. This allows you to monitor your property at all times.

In addition, the security cameras are equipped with motion detection technology, which alerts you to any unusual activity on your property. This allows you to take action quickly and prevent any potential security breaches.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our services include installation and maintenance services to ensure that your security system is always functioning at its best. Our team of experienced technicians and support team are available to answer any questions you may have and provide ongoing support.

Portable Solar-Powered CCTV Tower

CCTV Monitoring Night Vision

Portable Solar-Powered CCTV Tower Features

  • High-quality imaging with 4 MP resolution

  • Utilizing H.265+ compression technology for efficient data compression

  • Clear imaging even in the presence of strong backlight. With 130 dB WDR technology

  • Deep learning-based classification system that focuses on human and vehicle targets

  • 24/7 imaging in full colour

  • Active strobe light and audio alarm to deter intruders

  • Built-in two-way audio for real-time security

  • Support for audio and alarm interface

  • Resistant to water and dust with an IP67 rating

  • Accessible through a mobile app

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Portable Access Control for Construction Sites

When it comes to Construction Sites, it is a big challenge to manage so many people

That's why we developed a few solutions for compliance with the rigorous NZ's Workplace Health and Safety legislation, comply with insurance requirements and, at the same time, control contractors, employees and visitors

Our security experts developed the IQ Portable Access Control Solution, and the advantages are many: 

  • Move it from one construction site to another
  • Fingerprint access and no cards required
  • Visitor's system to comply with Health & Safety and Insurance requirements
  • Automate Reports on who's been on site and for how long
  • Can be hosted and rented on month-by-month basis




"Northern Forklifts changed to IQ SECURITY for site alarming and monitoring approximately 12 months ago. They gave us excellent advice as to options to meet our needs and then provided a comprehensive and clear written quote. Once the quote was accepted, IQ were prompt to install and test their equipment and to follow up with adjustments as required. Since then we have had no problems with the monitoring service or the hardware. All in all we are very happy with both the initial and on-going service from IQ SECURITY and would have no problem in recommending them to other prospective users."

Dexter Hyland, Sales Director - NORTHERN FORKLIFTS Ltd

Control Your CCTV And Alarms from Anywhere at Any Time

No more having to go to the office or back home when the alarm goes off. It's all at your fingertips.

The mobile apps are here to transform the way you deal with your security. 

Call us and ask about CCTV and Alarm App solutions.

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