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Mobility and Convenience: Anytime, Anywhere

Are you sick of driving to work after a false alarm or to set the alarm because someone forgot or when you forgot your access card?

Let's be honest: it happens all the time. Fortunately, our mobile alarm and access apps are very convenient and useful. It allows you to control your alarm system and use your mobile just like an access card.

The benefits are many:

  • set and unset your alarm,
  • check if the alarm is set,
  • receive push alerts when a user opens or shuts the business or home, as well as open garages or gates,
  • viewing information about troubles and other system events,
  • some models have the ability to implement automation functions,
  • use your mobile device just like an access card,
  • unlock your door from your mobile,
  • arm and disarm areas
  • store access credentials for multiple sites,
  • convenient credential management
  • and much more!

And the best part is all from your smartphone. Anytime, anywhere.

Here at IQ Security we work global's most trusted and leading security company like Satel and Gallagher!

Security Alarm Mobile App IQ Satel

Check Some Functionalities of the Mobile Apps

The Gallagher Mobile Connect solutions transform your mobile device into an access card. Using Bluetooth wireless technology and the power of smart phones, Gallagher developed a unique mobile access application with optional two-factor authentication which offers easily administered credential provisioning. It allows you to interact with your building systems, arm and disarm alarms and much more with triggered actions.

Gallagher Mobile connect provides you greater convenience, efficient communication, complete control, easy provisioning, simple to manage and more range option.

Security Alarm Mobile App IQ Satel Versa

The VERSA CONTROL application enables remote management of the alarm system based on the VERSA control panels, which are designed to protect small and medium-size premises.

Functionality of the application makes it a handy tool for checking the system status, including zones and outputs, as well as for viewing the current troubles and all system events.

It also offers the notification function using PUSH messages. Because this service runs in the background, the recipient is notified in real time.

Security Alarm Mobile App IQ Satel Integra

The INTEGRA CONTROL is an application for remote control of the intelligent alarm system based on the INTEGRA control panels. It enables convenient operation of the system both in terms of security and automation functions, and both the user and the installer can receive real time PUSH notifications.

The application offers full functionality of the alarm system control keypad, and enables management of the system automation functions, making the control of heating, lighting, air conditioning, watering and other components of building automation quite simple and intuitive.

In addition, you can run scenarios that contain sequences of actions, from a single button on your smartphone or tablet.

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