Motion, Glass Break and Gas Leak Detectors

High Quality Detectors & Sensors

Motion detectors are important equipment in your Alarm System. It detects when someone enter one area or place that they are not supposed to, send a signal to your security system's control panel, which alert you (or a monitoring company) about what is happening in real time. 

The detectors can also detect glass breaks, smoke and gas or water leak.

Different kinds of detectors are used for:

  • Perimeter Protection to detect any attempt of intrusion into the protected area or place, including large spaces using active infrared barriers
  • Sliding doors and windows protection using magnetic detectors, for example 
  • Protect Glazed spaces using Acoustic breakglass detectors
  • Door or window forced attempt to open via vibration detectors
  • Detect intruders present inside rooms and buildings within a protected area using passive infrared detectors (PIR) and dual detectors
  • Smoke detection combining an optical smoke sensor with a precise heat sensor and preventing fire 
  • Detect gas leaks (including carbon monoxide, LPG, narcotic gas and methane, to avoid substances exerting possible negative impact on human life or health
  • Detect water flooding caused by hydraulic installation malfunctions 

​Don't worry if you have pets!

Some detectors can be used in areas where there are pets weighing up 20 kg

We design, install, monitor and maintain Security Alarm Systems for Shops, Cafes, Restaurants & Bars, Commercial Buildings, Schools, Warehouses, Industrial and Rural properties.

We work with the best alarm system: Satel, a European company specialised in alarm and access control security systems. Their superior quality and standards allow us to offer lifetime warranty on Alarm panels and detectors and what's more: no static IP address or ports required to be opened (meaning that it is very fast and easy to install). 

We also offer Monitoring 24x7 services.

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