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Alarm Monitoring is a service that watches the signals from your Security Alarm and then reacts to those signals in a way that you specify.

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IQ Alarm Monitoring


Ideal for Retail and Nationwide business or Office environments

  • Alarm activation alerts via txt or phone call
  • Alarm activation alerts tracked in database for alarm history
  • Checked that alarm is armed and disarmed against agreed schedule
  • Patrol dispatched if required

From NZ$ 49.00 per month*
No contracts required

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  • Some set up may be required
  • Patrol will charge you directly for any call outs
  • Contact us Now and you will receive the your first 3 months for FREE
  • We don't require any contracts and you can cancel anytime


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IQ Alarm Monitoring 24x7 Service

Alarm Monitoring is a service that watches the signals from your security alarm and then reacts to those signals in a way that you specify.

Our monitoring stations are manned by operators 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

When your alarm goes into "alarm" it sends a signal via the telephone line to the monitoring station to alert them about it. The monitoring station then responds to that signal as you have specified - either by phoning or texting you, and/or by dispatching a security guard to the site.

Other signals such as Open/Close (disarm and arm) and alarm fault signals can also be responded to, depending on the level of service required.

Optional services can include daily email logs and virtual monitoring of your premises via remote connection to your surveillance camera system. 

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Alarm Monitoring 24x7
Alarm Monitoring 24x7 and Mobile Alerts

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