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When it comes to Construction Sites, it is a big challenge to manage many people, keep an eye on safety procedures, and look after extensive areas at all times

That's why we developed a few solutions for compliance with the rigorous NZ's Workplace Health and Safety legislation and, at the same time, control contractors and avoid equipment theft

From small construction sites to extensive areas, short or long term, our Security Consultants team listen carefully to your concerns and needs and design and propose the best solutions

Some of the Most Requested Solutions for construction sites are:

  • Control access to construction sites and secure areas 
  • Fingerprint terminals for biometric authentication (real time health and safety site information and control)
  • Portable Access Control and CCTV Wireless Solution
  • Swipe cards reader installation and configuration 
  • Control access to parking lot
  • Number plate recognition for parking lot area 
  • Tools and equipment storage site Security Doors, Alarms and Cameras
  • Wireless CCTV Solutions installed on Cranes (for easy and fast deployment at any site, without the need for wiring or power)
  • Having clear, crisp images both during the day and at night to clearly capture faces
  • Footage recording, storage and easy off access to historical footage (wireless)
  • Long period of Camera Footage Storage (motion activated or 24×7 operation with flexible lighting options)
  • Install cameras for Staff training and Health and Safety check purposes
  • Centralized viewing of the site via smartphone and PC 
  • Intruder detectors using outdoor curtain motion detectors for virtual fencing and perimeter protection
  • Mobile app access to control alarm system
  • Alarm Monitoring Services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week 

The benefits are many:

  • Control access and know where each of your employees and contractors are 
  • Avoid equipment and tools theft and unwanted behavior 
  • Increase Health & Safety and efficiency
  • Monitor one or many construction sites any time and from anywhere using remote access 
  • Easy to install (wireless solution)

We are experts in electronic security from consulting, designing, installing, supporting, monitoring and maintenance. Our Security Consultants and Engineers are Experienced, Trusted and Friendly and will do their best to meet your business needs, and exceed your expectations.

From construction site and commercial through to corporate and industrial security, we work with developers, national retail chains and corporate clients to help them to meet their security needs supplying building access systemsCCTV security camerassecurity alarmsintercom systems, locks and ongoing monitoring solutions.

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"They are constantly seeking out new and better ways to achieve our security goals, without compromising our operational needs.We have found the IQ team to have the highest levels of personal integrity, and professional execution in relation to any work carried out for us. I have no hesitation in recommending IQ SECURITY and Garry's team, in particular, for any security needs you have, as they perform outstanding workmanship, combined with excellent follow up and preventative maintenance." 

Campbell Gourlay, Loss Prevention Manager - BUNNINGS Ltd 

Awesome Solutions for Construction Sites

Some CCTV security solutions combining real-time information management with intelligent and automated features for immediate incident handling, not only for surveillance, but also for Health and Safety reasons.

Biometrics links people's identities and permissions with their fingerprints, reducing the risk of identity theft (know who is where and at what times).

Allows employees, contractors and authorised people to get on the building sites and at the same time protect them from unwanted guests. 

Whatsmore, they provide real time Health & Safety site information

Wireless CCTV Solutions can be installed on cranes at construction sites.

It allows not only to capture footage for security reasons but also for training and Health & Safety. 

Control one or many building sites at any time and from anywhere. 

Portable Access Control

When it comes to Construction Sites, it is a big challenge to manage so many people

That's why we developed a few solutions for compliance with the rigorous NZ's Workplace Health and Safety legislation, comply with insurance requirements and, at the same time, control contractors, employees and visitors

Our security experts developed the IQ Portable Access Control Solution, and the advantages are many: 

  • Move it from one construction site to another
  • Fingerprint access and no cards required
  • Visitor's system to comply with Health & Safety and Insurance requirements
  • Automate Reports on who's been on site and for how long
  • Can be hosted and rented on month-by-month basis

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Our Security Consultants and Engineers are Experienced, Trusted and Friendly and will do their best to meet your business needs, and exceed your expectations.

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"Northern Forklifts changed to IQ SECURITY for site alarming and monitoring approximately 12 months ago. They gave us excellent advice as to options to meet our needs and then provided a comprehensive and clear written quote. Once the quote was accepted, IQ were prompt to install and test their equipment and to follow up with adjustments as required. Since then we have had no problems with the monitoring service or the hardware. All in all we are very happy with both the initial and on-going service from IQ SECURITY and would have no problem in recommending them to other prospective users."

Dexter Hyland, Sales Director - NORTHERN FORKLIFTS Ltd

Business Security Solutions

From small shops and schools to big retail chains and complex industries, our team is prepared to listen to your security concerns and design the smartest solutions to your needs and budget.  

You can count on our Security Experts Team.

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Security Alarm Mobile Apps IQ Satel

Control Your CCTV And Alarms from Anywhere at Any Time

No more having to go to the office or back home when the alarm goes off. It's all at your fingertips.

The mobile apps are here to transform the way you deal with your security. 

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