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Protecting Schools and University Campus can be quite difficult as it is also determined by the size, layout, number of buildings, parking lot areas and surroundings, to name a few.

They are always facing the challenges of burglary, vandalism, bullying and violence, and in such a sizable and complex area where there are numerous students and staff coming and going many times during the day and night and different properties, it is crucial to keep a safe environment.

From very small schools, through to huge campus and landmark buildings with different tenants and departments, we have been securing all kinds of buildings, giving us great experience and ability to comply to all demands at fast pace. 

Some of the Most Requested Solutions for Schools and Universities are: 

IQ Security is also a Gallagher Certified Partner. Gallagher's Integrated Security Solutions provide complete campus control from one central management platform, and deliver a seamless experience for your learning environment.

And Much More!

Check the School Market Security Solution video below and talk to our team: we will listen to you and give you a Security Consultation based on your budget and needs! 

Security Solutions for School & University

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IQ Security Recent Projects

Awesome Solutions for Campus

Some CCTV and access control security solutions combine real-time information management with intelligent and automated features for immediate incident handling.

Applications for Schools & University Buildings

Campus Virtual Perimeter Fence

Parking Lot Management Solution

Locker Management Solution

Mobile Connect Access Control

Unauthorized Access to Restricted Areas

Fight Detection Solution

Mobile Event Notification

Site lockdown and emergency response

Face identification - Identity Fraud

Visitor Management Kiosk Access Control

Blacklisted Vehicle Detection

Identify Your Visitors: Blacklist x VIP

Forgotten your access card?

Mobile Connect with facial recognition

Security On the News

Control Your CCTV And Alarms from Anywhere at Any Time

No more having to go to the office or back home when the alarm goes off. It's all at your fingertips.

The mobile apps are here to transform the way you deal with your security. 

Call us and ask about CCTV and Alarm App solutions.


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