Access Control Systems

Access control is a way of restricting access to parts of your building or business to authorised people only, preventing losses.

The Access Control System consist of a combination of:

And So Much More!

Access control can be built into part of an existing security alarm system or operate independently.

We are a Gallagher Security Integrator. If you have any projects that requires Gallagher products in the specifications, you can talk to us. 

Access Control Portable Solution

When it comes to Construction Sites or temporary/controlled events, it is a big challenge to manage so many people

That's why we developed a portable solution for compliance with the rigorous NZ's Workplace Health and Safety legislation, comply with insurance requirements and, at the same time, control contractors, employees and visitors. 

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IQ is a Gallagher Certified Channel Partner

Gallagher is one of New Zealand’s most successful private companies and a global leader in the innovation, manufacturing state-of-the-art integrated security solutions.

From basic access control, through to critical sites with some of today’s highest security requirements, if you have a project that specifies Gallagher product, talk to us. 

IQ Access Control Solutions

Electronic Door Locks

Real-time, easy, quick and low-cost way to improve your general security. 

Intercom Systems

Allows you to remotely communicate with people trying to have access to your building.

Biometric Access Control

The fingerprints readers are the most implemented identification to control access and provide the right level of security. 

GE TECOM Challenger

Tecom provides leading intrusion and access control solutions, protecting commercial buildings and all sizes of businesses 24x7.


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