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Managing a Parking Lot can be a difficult task when you only rely on staff and a few components. Nowadays it is possible to increase security and avoid major problems relying on technology and electronic security systems. 

Our Security Experts have carefully analyzed all the possible incidents that may occur in some parking lots. Here are just a few of them:  

  • Unwanted access to the parking lot (when somebody drives in without the permission)
  • Car parked in a wrong spot and/or blocking others' way in and out
  • Claims of suddenly closed barrier gate damaging the car
  • Accidents (driver bumped into a ticket dispenser or barrier gate, car hit the wall because of the slippery ramp, two cars collided, car slightly hit or paint scratched off, pedestrians accidents) 
  • Stolen valuables from cars
  • Assaulted visitors
  • Objects left behind 
  • Malfunction of parking payment machines or barrier 
  • Vandalism attacks
  • Suspects wandering around 
  • Customer forgot the parking place 

For these and some other potential problems, we can propose several solutions. 

Parking Lot Management System

Queue Management

Virtual Employee

Simplify Parking Lot Management

And Much More!

From small parking lots through to big commercial buildings and shopping centres, our team is prepared to listen to you and design and propose the smartest solutions to your needs. From design and project management, to installation, monitoring and maintenance. You can count on our Security Consultants. 

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"We contacted several companies and asked them to quote and only IQ SECURITY replied in a prompt and professional manner. Garry Chapman arrived on time to survey the job, gave us excellent advice as to options to meet our needs and then provided a comprehensive and clear written quote. Once the quote was accepted, IQ were prompt to install and test their equipment and to follow up with adjustments as required. Since then we have had no problems with the monitoring service or the hardware. All in all we are very happy with both the initial and on-going service from IQ SECURITY and would have no problem in recommending them to other prospective users."

Dexter Hyland, Sales Director - NORTHERN FORKLIFTS Ltd

Awesome Solutions for Parking Lots

Record car license plates, playback dispute events, prevent vandalism, protect your property, centralize management and many other possibilities for Parking Lot security solutions

Our Security Consultants are Experienced, Trusted and Friendly and will do their best to meet your business needs and exceed your expectations. 

Security Alarm Mobile Apps IQ Satel

Full Control Anytime, Anywhere

No more having to go back to the office every time the alarm goes off or because someone forgot. It's all at your fingertips: you can set/unset your alarm, check the status, receive push alerts and much more.

Call us and ask about Alarm Mobile App solutions.

How to Prevent Loss?

When a retailer experiences a loss, they are losing direct to the bottom line profitability. Loss Prevention is the concept of establishing policies, procedures and business practices to prevent the loss of inventory or monies in a retail environment.IQ Security has a proven record delivering industry leading solutions from reliable and tested commercial grade video surveillance solutions, facial recognition or covert camera installations to access control.

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