Biometric Access Control: Fingerprint Terminals

Nowadays, using a biometric authentication to give access only to authorized people to certain buildings and areas is attracting more and more adopters. It is because this technology bases on the unique characteristics from each person to impart a convenient and safe method for authentication purposes. 

Fingerprints are unique characteristics (each person has his/her own) and establish a person's identity to a very high degree of certainty. The fingerprints readers are the most implemented identification to control access and provide the right level of security, at the exact places where it is needed, just by pressing a finger on a scanner. 

It can be installed to manage employees, visitors, staff and contractors, for example, protecting important areas such as commercial buildings, schools and universities, building sites, warehouses, data centers and other places.

Biometrics links people's identities and permissions with their fingerprints, reducing the risk of identity theft.

Being flexible it means that the system allows employees, students and authorised people to get on with their work place or buildings and at the same time protect them from unwanted guests. It can also be used in combination with other access control systems, such as cards, standalone or IP-networked installations, for indoor or outdoor use. 

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