CCTV Cameras, Access Control & Alarm Systems

Corporate & Commercial Security

We are experts in electronic security  from consulting & designing, through to installing and ongoing maintenance. 

Restrict access to parts of your building or business to authorised people only to prevent losses and unwanted guest. We have a wide range of Access Control system from Intercom, Swipe Card, Electronic Door Lock to Biometric solutions and more.

Protect your business from theft and burglary by installing CCTV Camera System and Video Management System for Surveillance and Market Application. We install CCTV System for all business sizes.

Keep your business a safe working environment by installing an Alarm system. Our Alarm system varies from simple modules suitable for quick installation to advanced control panels which combined alarm functions with automation and Access Control. We also offer 24x7 monitoring services.

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"Over the last five years IQ SECURITY worked hard with us to find solutions to problems rather than merely fixing symptoms. I recommend IQ SECURITY for any security needs you have, as they perform outstanding workmanship, combined with excellent follow up and preventative maintenance."

Campbell Gourlay, Loss Prevention Manager - Bunnings Ltd

Bunnings Security IQ

Our Clients

Smartest Security Solutions for Business

From small business and shops to schools, big retailers chains and complex industries, we listen to your needs, design and propose the smartest solutions to meet your needs and budget

Full or Partial Security Services

The most important parts of any security solution, can save you thousands and avoid all the stress of getting it wrong in the first place.

Our Alarm monitoring services offer 24x7 assurance that your assets and people are safe and secure. 

Ongoing Maintenance is critical to hassle free operations and assures that when you need everything is ready and working. 

More About Security

IQ Security Blog

Case Study: Apartment Security

May 10, 2021
The way Kiwis are living is changing fast, and so is the security around it. With apartment buildings springing up everywhere, electronic security systems are mandatory to keep residents safe and to make building management easier....
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IQ Security Infographics

Download this and some other infographics to help you with your security: 

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