Ongoing Maintenance

Ongoing Maintenance may be required by the council and is critical to hassle-free operations, ensuring that electronic door locks, security footage and/or an alarm system are ready and working. 

Security systems need regular checks and maintenance to replace batteries, complete software updates as well as check its general health. 

Electronic Door Locks Ongoing Maintenance

IQ Security offers a comprehensive security equipment maintenance package to hassle free operations and comply to Council's regulations. 

Council Regulations

Council regulations* recommend that the building owner/tenant establishes a compliance schedule regime of preventive and responsive/corrective maintenance:

​Owner’s obligations

  • Being aware of any specified system installed in their building and ensuring it is listed on a compliance schedule
  • Failure = fine of up to $20,000

Access Control

  • Daily + Monthly checks carried out by owner or tenant 
  • 6 monthly checks by Certified Company and Maintenance records 

CCTV Security Cameras

  • 6 Monthly Checks 

Alarm Systems

  • 12 Monthly Checks 

Source: Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment's “COMPLIANCE SCHEDULE HANDBOOK” from 10TH of October 2011

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Fixed Cost Security Maintenance Package

It is hard to keep your Operational Expenditure, OpEx, under control

Now you can have a comprehensive maintenance package for one annual fixed cost (paid quarterly) - and it makes a HUGE difference in your budget management. 


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