Fixed Cost Security Maintenance Package: IQ OpEx Optimizer

Fixed Cost Security Maintenance

When it comes to management of your assets, it is important to know that all Alarm, Access Control and CCTV solutions that protect your business are fully maintained to prevent failure and avoid external hacking attacks of your building security system.

Ongoing Maintenance may be required by the council and is critical to hassle-free operations, ensuring that electronic door locks, security footage and/or an alarm system are ready and working. 

Security systems need regular checks and maintenance to replace batteries, complete software updates as well as check its general health. 

We know that it is hard to keep your Operational Expenditure, or simply OpEx, under control. Sometimes, these expenses can also bring you (and your tenants) unwanted surprises when it comes to your premise's maintenance costs. 


We support and maintain alarms, building access control and CCTV systems, but we do it in a very simple way: you can have a comprehensive maintenance package for one annual fixed cost (paid quarterly) because we know that it makes a huge difference in your budget management. 

Our Fixed Cost Maintenance Offering is designed to scale regardless if you are a small business or multi-tenanted building, the goal is to lower your overall OpEx costs:

  • Alarm and Access Control Maintenance including software updates and patches;
  • CCTV Maintenance including software updates and patches;
  • All electronic security door and intercom maintenance;
  • All system day to day support including adding new users, removing users and changing time zones;
  • All programming of access cards and all remote adds, moves and changes;
  • All onsite labour required to maintain and support any of the above.

All under ONE ANNUAL COST. It is really simple and easy. 

Contact our team and ask for detailed information on coverage and price. You will be positively surprised.

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Share your Security Maintenance needs and our Security Consultants will design a fixed cost maintenance proposal to help you to comply with all council regulations and to control your budget!

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Checked your Building? Send it to Us!

Building owners are required to perform regular checks in their access control systems and doors. If you want to check your building and send it to us, please click on the button below to fill the form online and submit

Ongoing Maintenance

Council regulations* recommend that the building owner/tenant to establish a compliance schedule regime of preventive and responsive/corrective maintenance, ensuring that systems or features that contribute to the proper functioning of a building, such as electronic door locks, are regularly monitored and maintained,


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