Commercial & Corporate Security Alarms

We design, install, monitor and maintain Electronic Security Alarms Systems for 

Shops, Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, Offices, Parking Lots,
Businessess, Commercial Buildings, Retail, Schools, Hotels,
Construction Sites, Warehouses, Industries, Rural Areas and 
all kinds of properties

Most Trusted Security Alarm Satel with Mobile App

We work with the best alarm system: Satel, a European company specialised in alarm and access control security systems. 

Their superior quality allow us to offer a lifetime warranty on Alarm panels and detectors and you can control your alarm via smartphone or tablet from anywhere! 

Contact Us Now

Call 09 441-7100

All calls are answered within 30s
by our friendly team 

Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

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Wireless Alarms

Perfect for installations where there is limited or no access to roof spaces to run the necessary cabling. 

Total wireless solution with the same levels of protection! 


Intruder detectors, motion sensorsglass breaks, smoke and gas or water leak.

Some detectors allow pets weighing up to 20 kg.

Mobility & More!

  • Protect multiple areas independently;
  • Armed/disarmed over the phone; 
  • Systems can integrate with building automation

IQ Monitoring

We monitor alarms 24x7 with different service levels to suit your needs as well as offer CCTV live time or archive monitoring solutions. 

Whether you want an activation alert to your mobile, a "find me anywhere" call or a guard sent to site: we have a solution for you.

Order a New Alarm or SWAP Your Alarm Monitoring to IQ

If you want to order a New Alarm system or SWAP your Monitoring to us, we will include 

3 months of FREE Alarm Monitoring!

Redeem Now!

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Alarm Adds, Moves and Changes

If you need Alarm Adds, Moves and Changes, please click the button below:

Set Alarm Monitoring Response Plan

Set up what happens when your alarm goes off and allow 24 hours for the request to take effect:


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