Security Trends: Mobility

Mobility and Convenience: Security Anytime, Anywhere

Although is has been happening for a while, the mobility is still one of the top trends in security and technology getting more and more uses and applications in the market. 

Of course, we are not just talking about the use of smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices to control your alarm systems, but also to manage your CCTV security cameras and many other applications related to this, including the capability of moving things, becoming portable to adapt to changing situations.

IQ Security has developed a Portable Solution to supply the construction sites  (and any other businesses that require such a solution) to control contractors, employees and visitors access. 

Another interesting application is the Gallagher mobile apps access which allows you to use your mobile device just like an access card and/or use the mobile to arm and disarm security and control equipment and systems. 

Mobile Apps for Alarm

It is possible to control the alarm system Any time, and from anywhere.

The benefits are many:

  • set and unset your alarm,
  • check if the alarm is set,
  • receive push alerts when a user opens or shuts the business or building,
  • viewing information about system events,
  • some models have the ability to implement automation functions,
  • and much more!

And the best part is all from your smartphone or tablet. 

Mobile Access Control

Whether it’s the flexibility to monitor an access system from any location, or the convenience of using a smart phone in place of an access card, there is an extensive range of mobile solutions designed to deliver user-friendly technology, underpinned by the strongest security. 

Access can also:

  • be set up remotely (for temporary visitors, for example)
  • Grant or deny access to a zone using the Mobile Reader
  • Tell at a glance whether a person is authorized to be in a location and record the reason for failed access
  • Respond to open door requests from anywhere on site
  • And so Much more!

Portable Access Control

When it comes to Construction Sites or temporary/controlled events, it is a big challenge to manage so many people. 

That's why we developed a few solutions for compliance with the rigorous NZ's Workplace Health & Safety legislation, comply with insurance requirements and control contractors, employees and visitors

The advantages are many: 

  • Move it from one construction site / area to another
  • Fingerprint access and no cards required
  • Visitor's system to comply with Health & Safety and Insurance requirements
  • Automate Reports on who's been on site and for how long
  • Can be hosted and rented on month-by-month basis

Learn more about the Access Control Portable Solution! 

Keep an Eye on your Business

Ensure your employees adherance to guidelines, Health & Safety good practices and great customer service even when you are out. 

Install CCTV Security Cameras and monitor it from anywhere at any time (24x7) using a mobile app. 

You can also receive notifications in real time, according to pre set instructions such as:

  • blacklisted customers alerts, 
  • unwanted visitors, missing objects
  • incident alerts,
  • extended queues" in shop
  • and so much more! 

Perfect for Retail, Commercial Buildings, Schools and Universities, Industries, Construction Sites and many other businesses

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