Building Compliance for Access Control System

Specified System: Access Controlled Doors

Building Compliance for Access Controlled Doors

All building in New Zealand is required to comply with the Building Code. This is to ensure that the building is safe and secure for everyone who may use it.

Under section 40 of the Building Act 2004, a person must not carry out any building work except in accordance with a building consent. Before starting any building work, the building owner needs to work out whether or not they need a building consent. Moreover, a building that contains safety and essential systems known as specified systems need a compliance schedule. A compliance schedule is the list of all the specified systems within the building and the procedure required to keep them in good working condition.

List of Specified Systems

SS1 Automatic systems for fire suppression
SS2 Automatic or manual emergency warning systems for fire or other dangers
SS3 Electromagnetic or automatic doors or windows 
              SS3.1. Automatic doors e.g. sliding or revolving doors
              SS3.2. Access Controlled doors (swipe card, keypad, sensor-delayed egress, etc.)
SS4 Emergency lighting systems
SS5 Escape route pressurisation systems
SS6 Riser mains for use by fire services
SS7 Automatic backflow preventers connected to a potable water supply
SS8 Lifts, escalators, travelators, or other systems for moving people or goods within a building
SS9 Mechanical ventilation or air-conditioning systems
SS10 Building maintenance units or other devices providing access to the interior / exterior of a building
SS11 Laboratory fume cupboards
SS12 Audio loops or other assistive listening systems
SS13 Smoke control systems
SS14 Emergency power systems for, or sign relating to, a system or feature in any of the specified systems 1-13
SS15 Other fire safety sysstems or features

Access-Controlled Doors is a Specified System. A building consent must be obtain before installation.

A Building Warrant of Fitness (BWoF) is required where a compliance schedule has been issued for a building. The BWoF must be prepared in accordance with the prescribed form in the Building Regulations 2004. Section 108 of the Building Act requires that a BWoF must:

  • be supplied on each anniversary of the issue of the compliance schedule

  • state the location of the compliance schedule and associated compliance schedule reports

  • state that the inspection, maintenance, and reporting procedures have been fully complied with during the previous 12 months

  • have attached to all Form 12A certificates issued by IQPs for the specified systems

  • have attached to it any recommendations from an IQP to amend the compliance schedule

The owner must display a copy of the BWoF in a place in the building where it can be seen by building users. A person who commits an offence under this section is liable on conviction to a fine up to $20,000 and, in the case of a continuing offence, to a further fine not exceeding, $2000 for every day or part of a day during which the offence has continued. 

These are the regular checks required by the council for access-controlled doors:

  • DAILY - when the building is in use for crowd occupancies (CS, CL, CO, CM) and for all buildings where building work is occurring that may affect an access-controlled door or an escape route

  • MONTHLY - checks carried out by the owner or hired security maintenance company

  • 6-MONTHLY - checks by a certified company like IQ Security and maintenance records kept for building WOF and 12A

As a security integrator, we make sure that our client's building is safe and healthy for people to enter, occupy or work in. We offer building compliance services to help our customer meet their required building compliance.

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IQ is an IQP Certified

Application for building compliance is initiated by the building owner, IQP or the Council. 

IQ Security has a team that holds an IQP certification. Our security engineers are IQP certified. We have received the council's qualification to inspect, report, follow requirements, support documentation and maintain systems. We can help you process your building compliance application for your access-controlled doors.

IQ Building Compliance Services

Building Consent

Access control is classified as a specified system. Building owner  must not carry out any building work except in accordance with a building consent. More information here.

Form 11 - Amendment of Compliance Schedule

You are required to apply for amendment of your existing compliance schedule if you are planning to upgrade the specified systems, change the system's use or make any alteration. More information here.

12A: Certficate of Compliance with Inspection, Maintenance & Reporting Procedure

12A form is a proof that the building has undergo an inspection and maintenance procedures listed in the compliance schedule. This form is issued annually to the council. More information here

PS3: Construction Producer Statement

This is issued by the contractor who has carried out the installation of the system. This form confirms that the building work is in accordance with the consent plans and building code. More information here.

COA: Certificate of Acceptance

If an installation of specified system is outside of the consent process, this will be deemed as unauthorized building work. The building owner may need to go through application for a Certificate of Acceptance. More information here.

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We know that it is hard to keep your Operational Expenditure, or simply OpEx, under control. Sometimes, these expenses can also bring you (and your tenants) unwanted surprises when it comes to your premise's maintenance costs. 

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All of our technicians are also Site Safe certified and hold current Building Construction Passports. These are required by many construction companies before any worker can enter their building sites.

IQP Certified

Certification number 110660 for all building 12A building WOF requirements.


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