CCTV Security Camera Market Applications

Besides having a wide range of CCTV Security Cameras and Video Management System to provide the best solution according to your security needs and budget, it is also possible to add some business intelligence to your system and using intelligent cameras and systems to get much more information. 

A few examples of Market Application Suites to CCTV Security Cameras:

  • People counting (inside and outside your place) 
  • People Tracking 
  • Customer pathways analysis (to optimize traffic flow and product display) 
  • Heat maps of your place 
  • Facial and Number Plate recognition
  • Customer segment, loyalty and behavior analysis (e.g. age and gender, regular customers, time spent) 
  • Staff allocation analysis
  • And so much more! 

We install CCTV Security Camera systems in shops, restaurants, cafes, commercial buildings, and any other businesses

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