CCTV Covert Cameras

CCTV Covert Cameras are discreet security cameras (also known as "spy camera") with some different shapes and a wide range of disguise accessories.

Perfect for environments where they should be hidden from people's view: banks, airports, casinos, commercial buildings, schools, factory, gas station, hotel, park, stadium, retail, restaurant, home, parking lot or any other facility.

There is a wide range of Covert Cameras with different viewing angles and resolutions.

Closed-circuit television CCTV Security Cameras IQ ACTi

Available ACTi Covert Camera models

Covert            Fisheye Covert

Pinhole CovertL-Shape Pinhole Covert

Depending on the location of installation and the planned disguise method, choose between a straight or "L-shaped" lens.

"Pinhole" models contain the smallest possible lenses.

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