Smart Applications for Business & Commercial Buildings

CCTV Security Camera Smart Applications

Your CCTV Security Camera & Video Management System can also add some Business Intelligence / Artificial Intelligence to your security system to get much more operational and management information. 

The most sought-after Smart Market Application Solutions:

Number Plate Recognition
Number Plate Recognition


Smart Ads
Smart Ads

Queue Management
Queue Management

Theft Detection
Theft Detection

Real-time Conversion
Real-time Conversion

  • People counting (inside and outside your place) 
  • Facial Recognition (Returning Customer, VIP, Blacklisted)
  • People Tracking - Customer Demographics 
  • Customer pathways analysis (to optimize traffic flow and product display) 
  • Heat maps of your place 
  • Customer profilling, loyalty and behavior analysis (e.g. age and gender, regular customers, time spent, product segments and conversion) 
  • Conversion Rate 
  • Promotion Event and Advertising Signage Evaluation 
  • Smart Shopping Assistance 
  • Future Customer Footfall Prediction
  • Weather Impact on Business
  • Staff allocation analysis 
  • Absent Clerk Detection
  • People Line Counting (Queue Management) 
  • Incident Management 
  • Theft Detection 
  • Tailing Detection 
  • Attendance Management 
  • Access Control and Identity Fraud Investigation 
  • Real-Time Suspect Tracking 
  • Suspect Post-Search
  • Number Plate recognition
  • Parking Lot Management 
  • And so much more! 

We install CCTV Security Camera systems in Shops, Restaurants, Cafes, Commercial Buildings, and Other Businesses and Buildings

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Face Recognition Technology

This awesome technology automatically recognizes and identifies faces of people looking at the cameras installed in your shop or commercial building.

Use it to identify your customers and visitors using the face recognition technology and link it with blacklisted visitors, VIP customer's list and purchases for profiling purposes.

Contact our Security Consultants to learn more about it and see it working! 

Smart Video Applications

People Counting

Face Recognition

Queue Management

Retail Solutions

Catch Shoplifting

Digital Signage Solutions

In Store Customer Traffic Flow

Retail Store Theft Prevention

Employment Adhesion to Guidelines

Retail Operation Management

Customer Service Performance

People Counting and Heat Map

Parking Lot Management

Parking Lot Virtual Employee

Parking Lot Queue Time Analysis


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