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How Safe is Your Building?

Nowadays, being safe is one of the biggest worries but being aware of your vulnerabilities and acting soon is the best weapon to prevent security incidents in your building. 

IQ Security Check List

We know your security needs are unique and that's why our experienced Security Consultants listen to your requirements and design a customized solution to your budget and needs. 

We listen to your requirements and needs, and visit your building to perform a complete security check

Our Experienced Security Consultants go through all information gathered and check all security vulnerabilities 

After a careful consideration, we design and share with you the smartest solutions to meet your security needs and budget

Get Started

Our experts listed some Security Checks to help you increase your awareness and,
at the same time, the security in your business and/or building.

Taking a few simple steps can REDUCE your chance of
being a victim of burglary by as much as 95%!

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Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

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"IQ team is always available and willing to provide support and technical advice, constantly seeking out new and better ways to achieve our security goals. They perform outstanding workmanship, combined with excellent follow up and preventative maintenance.

Campbell Gourlay, Loss Prevention Manager - BUNNINGS Ltd 


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