DVR And Video Management Systems

We install CCTV Security Camera And DVR Systems in houses, shops, commercial buildings, schools, businesses, warehouses and industries all over New Zealand that use the latest HD and IP camera technology. 

Video Management System is an important component of the security system, as it usually collects the videos from the CCTV security cameras, records it for a certain period of time and allows access to the recorded images

They can also have software to improve the features and possibilities (as a license plate or face recognition or business analytics, for example). 

We can tailor and provide a solution that meets your needs.

There is a wide range of CCTV Security Cameras, DVR and Video Management System (VMS) to provide the best solution according to your security needs and budget.

CCTV and VMS Benefits

Our Security Specialists can provide you with a security camera solution that meets your needs and your budget. 

Some of the many benefits of installing a CCTV and Video Management Systems include:

  • Prevent Theft and Burglary
  • Covert installations for Catching a suspected Thief
  • Building monitoring 
  • Monitoring of Operational Procedures and 
  • Reduced insurance claims. 

Contact us now or find out what the benefits of installing a camera system are.

CCTV Market Solutions

More than just recording images, there are some other amazing ways you can use CCTV cameras:

  • People counting and Tracking
  • Heat Maps
  • Facial and Number Plate recognition
  • Improving general Health & Safety 
  • Staff training
  • Business Analytics
  • So much more! 

Learn More about Market Applications for CCTV Security Cameras!

Market Solutions

Retail Solutions

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Video Analytics

Automatic Movement Tracking

Licence Plate Recognition

School And Campus Solution

Factory Market Solution

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ACTi Covert Cameras

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