Invoices, Payments & Accounts Enquiries

IQ Security admin team is available Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 2 PM 

Please send us your enquiry and will return the contact as soon as possible

IQ NZ Freephone*

0508 IQ Security | 0508 477328 | +64 9 441 7100

Select Option 3 for Admin 

*Hours of contact:
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM - Monday to Friday

Send your Enquiry

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Alarm/Access Adds,
Moves & Changes

If you need any Alarm or Access Adds, Moves and Changes, please click the button below:

Set Alarm Monitoring
Response Plan

Set up what happens when your alarm goes off and allow 24 hours for the request to take effect:

*SLA Service Levels

IQ SECURITY has implemented an ITIL type framework for to manage our security helpdesk KPI’s.  All jobs that are received via phone, email, online portal or online form for code changes are given a priority: 

  • P1 – Critical - 1-hour response and same day resolution or workaround with complete resolution and BAU required within 48 hours
  • P2 - Medium - 1-hour response and 48-hour resolution or workaround.
  • P3 – Low - 1-hour response and 72-hour resolution or workaround.


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