We are also Proud of Our Race Team

We are back with another iRacing Series with prizes up for grab! IQ Security Lotus 70 Splash and Dash happening every Thursday night at 7:30PM

Fancy car races? 

Challenge us! Call 09 441 7100 and talk to Karl! 

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24 LeMons

IQ Race Team Challenge

Besides thinking about security 24x7, we think about cars... and racing. It's about being bold and brave, as we also like some challenges in our lives. That's about us.

So here is our challenge: we want to invite you, dear customer, to a car racing at 24 LeMons!

It will be awesome to share this funny and full of adrenaline moments with you. Fancy?

Let's see if you can beat us!

IQ Race Challenge

IQ Race Challenge

Yes, you do!

Don't be shy, just give us a call now:

+64 (9) 441-7100

If you prefer send us an email and we can contact you => 

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But if you don't...

Follow us on Facebook and receive some interesting updates about security (we promise that we post some pictures and the racing results).

Our Values


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