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After a careful consideration, we design and share with you the smartest solutions to meet your security needs and budget

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*T&C: Valid for Shops, Cafes, Restaurants, Schools, Business, Construction Sites, Warehouses, Industries and Commercial Buildings in New Zealand. 

"IQ team is always available and willing to provide support and technical advice, constantly seeking out new and better ways to achieve our security goals. They perform outstanding workmanship, combined with excellent follow up and preventative maintenance.

Campbell Gourlay, Loss Prevention Manager - BUNNINGS Ltd 

Why Choose IQ Security

Why Choose IQ

We walk our talk and live our values, and it makes a huge difference when it comes to Customer Approval

We also are proud to have a very experienced team, hold important qualifications and also to deliver great solutions to protect your people and your assets.

Positive Testimonials about IQ Security


The people I have been dealing with at IQ Security have been very pleasant to work with and emit professionalism. The offered services are awesome! You can truly make it the way YOU want and they are not afraid to weigh in on the decision with their concerns when doing it the way you want.

Sam van Maanen, IT Manager - TARGET FURNITURE

Best NZ Security Team IQ Security

IQ Team

Our Security Consultants and Engineers are Experienced, Trusted and Friendly

We have been actively involved in the security industry for more than 50 years.

We also are proud to hold important qualifications and also to deliver great solutions!


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