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All calls answered within 30 seconds, all quotes designed by experts and sent within 3 days of meeting AND, yes, we turn up when we say we will.

Call us now on +64 (9) 441-7100

IQ NZ Freephone*

0508 IQ Security | 0508 477328 | +64 9 441 7100

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*Hours of contact:
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM - Monday to Friday

After Hours Support

0508 IQ Security | 0508 477328 | +64 9 441 7100

When you contact Us after Hours
(between 5:01 PM and 8:29 AM) 

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Press 1: Monitoring 
Press 2: On-call Tech (urgent) 
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(it will be answered on next office hours day)

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All technicians are vetted by the ministry of justice and carry a certificate of approval (COA). This means that we have been vetted by the NZ Police and judged to be responsible and trustworthy, so you can have trust in our integrity.


All of our technicians are also Site Safe certified and hold current Building Construction Passports. These are required by many construction companies before any worker can enter their building sites.


Certification number 110660 for all building 12A building WOF requirements.

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IQ Security is proudly a member of Master Electronic Security Installer New Zealand - MESINZ and we are up to their high standards of quality, ethics, health and safety when it comes to installing, servicing and maintaining electronic security equipment!


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