IQ Security Projects

IQ Security Projects

From small shops, cafes, parking lots and schools to commercial buildings, construction sites, big retail chains and complex industries, our team is prepared to listen to your security concerns and design the smartest solutions to your needs and budget.  

These are some of the latest projects we've been working on: 

33 Broadway Street for Mansons

We developed a few solutions for compliance with the rigorous NZ's Workplace Health and Safety legislation and, at the same time, control contractors and avoid equipment theft. 

And More: Portable and Wireless Solutions too! 

96 St George Bay Road for Mansons

Access Control is the main issue in a Parking lot, but many solutions such as number place recognition, intercom, virtual fences and other solutions can help you manage one or many parking lots efficiently and with high security levels. 

Bunnings Grey Lynn

We have been working with great and nationwide retail chains for a long time, giving us great experience and ability to comply to all demands and to business requests at fast pace. 

And More: Loss Prevention

Less Mills

IQ Security just implemented a Access Control and Alarm upgrade at Les Mills 

New Zealand Technology Group

We upgraded and centralized TECOM Access Control Solution in 5 different locations 

New Zealand Technology Group has engaged IQ Security to upgrade and centralize an access control platform across their 5 buildings nationwide - ranging from Orewa and Hastings through to South Island. 

It consists of  a TECOM Access Control VTM platform managed by security commander all delivered centrally via the Head Office allowing them to manage access and user rights, user times, etc. all from a central location. 

They also are tending to integrate this solution with an active directory for seeing these additional users across the platform while delivering them a single card that can access all their buildings across the TECOM Platform. 

They are also looking to adopt the OpEx Optimizer Solution allowing them to have a single helpdesk facility to assist with the access control services and fixed cost. 

Red Hill Primary School

We also have many customers from schools and learning centres. We have a great selection of products and services from Access Control and Alarm Systems to CCTV Camera and Monitoring Services.

SM Businesses

Small shops, dairies and any size of business, we have many products and services that can provide high level of security and monitoring without costing you so much.

Bunnings Rangiora

Cafes and restaurants have many specifics security needs and smart analytics solutions, such as people counting, for example. We can provide efficient and cost effective security and monitoring.

Contact our Security Experts and they will listen to your security concerns! 

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Full Control Anywhere Any Time

No more having to go to the office when the alarm goes off. It's all at your fingertips, from your smartphone.

The benefits are many: set and unset your alarm, check if the alarm is set, receive push alerts, viewing information about system events, conect automation functions and much more!

Call us and ask about Alarm App solutions.

How to Prevent Loss?

When a retailer experiences a loss, they are losing direct to the bottom line profitability. Loss Prevention is the concept of establishing policies, procedures and business practices to prevent the loss of inventory or monies in a retail environment.

IQ Security has a proven record delivering industry leading solutions from reliable and tested commercial grade video surveillance solutions, facial recognition or covert camera installations to access control.

"Northern Forklifts changed to IQ SECURITY for site alarming and monitoring approximately 12 months ago.They arrived on time to survey the job, gave us excellent advice as to options to meet our needs and then provided a comprehensive and clear written quote. Once the quote was accepted, IQ were prompt to install and test their equipment and to follow up with adjustments as required. Since then we have had no problems with the monitoring service or the hardware. All in all we are very happy with both the initial and on-going service from IQ SECURITY and would have no problem in recommending them to other prospective users."

Dexter Hyland, Sales Director - NORTHERN FORKLIFTS Ltd

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